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Learn a beginner friendly and flowy exotic floorwork combination in high heels!

I know you would love to learn more exotic floorwork, right? As you can do this without the pole at home! So here you go, I created this new tutorial for you, so you can practice your exotic skills even if you don´t have access to a studio. You just need you knee pads and high heels (and space ;))! In this video you will learn a beautiful floorwork combo with a nice leg work move for you to work on your leg control! Keep practicing and practicing, you leg work will get better and your movements flowier! Concentrate on your hip to start the leg work from there :). Learn the combo now:

I wish you much fun training this exotic floorwork combo! Remember to point your feet (keeping your ankles strong and in line with the shin) as always ;). x Lara P.s.: Let me know how it worked for you!

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