Exotic pole dance trip to Moscow

Updated: Mar 30

We arrived on the 26th of January in Moscow, my friend Steffi and I, for our exotic pole dance trip. It was evening already. The way from the airport to our Airbnb was quite long, we were already tired from the travel, and when we came out of the (omg so lound – we drove with an an older train) Metro it was snowy and cold outside, but I was happy to finally see snow.

Stepping out of the entrance door to the Metro that night, to see the scenery of the Bolshoi Theatre in front of me, with snow flakes dancing in the air was quite​​ touching and beautiful. I was happy I arrived and landed safely (the airplane had some turbulence before landing).

We went on, walking through the snow, to find our Airbnb, located only 6 minutes away from the theatre. I remember a man coming to help us with opening the door to the building our Airbnb was in, we didn´t really had troubles with it, but it must have looked that way. It seemed like he wanted to talk with us longer, well we were tired and just wanted drop off our baggage and go to get dinner, so we thanked him and went inside. It was small and practical, okay for me, for now at least... The first food we had, was in the "Tehnikum", a very full restaurant, probably because it´s the small brother of the "White Rabbit" (later more about that). It looked like it wasn´t normal to take your jackets inside to your table, because we were looked at in quite odd ways, we learned later that it´s normal to leave your jacket at the entrance. It was very warm and loud sitting right at the bar, but these were the only free seats. So we ordered our food. Luckily it was also in english, although I can read cyrillic script (but don´t understand most of it :D). I choosed beef tounge with mashed potatoes, because I never ate that, and I must say it was okay. I was just happy to finally eat something.

After dinner we went to buy some water and food (the supermarkets have very long opening hours) and back to our small apartement and into bed directly. The bed - it was small and hard... I hoped to sleep well that night, I felt I needed it, and was grateful I ordered that special ear plugs before the trip. So we tried to sleep. Unfortunately the walls seemed thin like paper (it was loud – even with my ear plugs in) and we heared some russians speaking until 3 a.m.. That night was very restless, me and Steffi didn´t get much quality sleep, but at least some.


Well, somehow we reached the next morning (27th) and got up to make ourselves ready, we were both quite depleted already and I felt very tired and heavy. I knew it would get hard without much quality sleep to recover from the travel and the upcoming exotic lessons and to be able to concentrate in the lessons and learn. But now I was there and we continued with our plans, and I thought I would make the best out of it...

First we went to Tanya Marsheva for a private lesson. We found the schools entrance after our 3rd try (the pole dance studios are very well hidden in Moscow). Finally in, it was 11:55 a.m., Tanya already wrote me she would be late, the lesson was planned from 12:00 to 1:20- so we started warming up ourselves in the pole room. It was good to acclimatize in the studio without having to dance directly. I felt my nervous system settled a little bit. When she finally came, we started dancing directly and learned a beautiful exotic flow poel dance choreography with a lot of details from her. I loved it!! (she is one of my oldest teachers, I had my first workshops with her in 2016)

I felt better after that lesson. Tanya recommended us a store nearby, where I could buy new high heels (mine looked like they would brake soon – but I had extra straps with me), so we went ther