Skype Coaching

You need help in getting your dance moves cleaner and more flowy?
I can analyze your moves and correct you and give you individual tips.
Did you hit a plateau in training and don't know how to move further?
I can help you plan your training!
Did you try one of my tutorials and have specific questions?
I can help you understand the moves to perform better.
Do you need help with building a choreo or a performance?

I can help you with performance preperation!

The price for the online coaching is 45€ per hour.


Personal Training

In a private session I can teach you in your speed and give you a lot of individual tips! I can help you with everthing dance and training related! And the best thing we can schedule a time that fits your schedule! (in Berlin)

For example what I worked on with other clients:
- creating choreography
- learning exotic basics, tricks
- flexibility and bodyweight training
- conditioning exercises for healthy shoulders
- myofascial releases, mobility
- mindset, motivation
- execution of dance and flow, sexy dancing
- embodiment of feeling while dancing
- performances

The price for one hour of training with me is 70€ (room rent incluced).


Contact Coaching

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