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About me...

Hey! I am Lara and I love exotic pole dance
and movement in general!

I have the honor to be an exotic pole dance teacher since 6 years already and love sharing my knowledge with my students!

My mission is to share my passion for exotic pole dancing with the world! As I think the world needs more women who can be sexy, strong, confident and at the same time emotional and connected to their feelings and body.
I think exotic pole dance is a really great tool to develop more of that!
That's why I created a Youtube channel where I share my passion with you!

I hope you get much inspiration from my videos and that you have a fullfilled journey with exotic pole dance and discover the power of your own feminine side!


Some of my qualifications:

  • Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor (Spin City)

  • Yoga Teacher (200h, Marina Yoga, Ao Nang)

  • B-License Fitness Training (IST)

  • A-License Personal Training (IST)

  • A-License Medical Fitnesstraining (IST)

  • A-License Back Training (IST)

  • Fitness Professional Diplom (IST)

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