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Hi I am Lara...

and I want to share my passion for poledance
and exotic dance with you!


I think every women wants to feel sexy, radiant and confident
and at the same time connected to their feelings, their intuition
and safe to relax into their feminine energy.

For me exotic poledance helped me a lot to become that way!
And it´s part of my spiritual practice.

That's why I created not only a youtube channel
where I share my passion with you but also online courses!

I hope you get inspired by my work and that you have a
sexy vibrant journey with exotic poledance and that you achieve to
flow and dance like you want to and that it helps getting
more juiciness into your life too! 



...get my exclusive Exotic & Pole Dance Warm Up Routine! And my Exotic Music Playlist
that I only share with my members!


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Learn Single Choreos Online

Learn beautiful Exotic Pole Dance choreos with me! I have some for different levels and styles.
Learn more floorwork and exotic pole movements.

Get in detail explanations to flow more easily and to perfect each movement of the choreo!


Coaching in Person

As we are all individuals - a private lesson will emphasise a tailored approach to YOU. And is designed to give you what you need, with full focus on you.
So get the e knowledge and "how to" to meet any exotic challenge you've set yourself.

I will help!


Exotic Pole Online Courses

I'm going to teach you in my EXOTIC online courses how to start dancing Exotic Floorwork and Exotic Pole to gain more confidence, competence
and to feel sexy and more connected to yourself!

Learn how to graciously move around the pole so you can feel more feminine and happy...


What people say...

"She can explain and break down the moves really well and gives you a lot of freedom to explore the movements within the music and your own time.
She's also very strict about your posture (which is superb) and points out weak areas, so you easily know what to work and improve on.

The private session with Lara has been really helpful and I will definitely repeat this when I'll be back in Berlin."


—  Review on Facebook by Martha S.

(for coaching, workshops, performances and other)

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